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This Shooting Range Is Using a Veiled Muslim Woman Target

Sabree Ata Yousef discovered something sinister at a Kentucky gun range last week.
Almost immediately upon entering Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky, Yousef was greeted by a shooting target that was that of a Muslim woman.
The silhouette, which was nonchalantly propped up by a stuffed bear holding a rifle, appears to be an elderly woman wearing in traditional Islamic clothing, with several bullet holes to the face and left side of the chest.
Yousef was made aware of the inappropriate target by a friend a few weeks prior to his visit. To confirm his friend’s story, he quickly snapped a photo on his cellphone and uploaded it to his Facebook page.
The post read, “Two days ago I went to the shooting range, knob shooting range to be exact what I saw was disgusting. They had this picture of a woman in hijab whom was a target. Is this what America has come to? The racism needs to stop.”
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Muslim Advocates Urges Release of Video And Law Enforcement Transparency in Killing of Usaama Rahim

In the wake of an early morning fatal shooting of Usaama Rahim, a 26-year old African American Muslim man waiting at a bus stop on his way to work, Muslim Advocates urges federal and local law enforcement officials to release a video of the encounter and further information about the basis for the surveillance of Rahim. 
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Pennsylvania government is preparing to destroy public pensions

Pennsylvania lawmakers have passed a comprehensive public pension reform bill that will permanently end pensions for future state workers and diminish the returns of current workers. The bill would impact over 350,000 workers throughout the state.
The state’s Republican-controlled Senate passed the bill by a 28-19 vote last week. All new state employees would be enrolled into a 401(k)-type plan, while current employees would be forced to pay more into their plans. Workers who cannot afford the higher payments will have their pension benefits cut.
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US police kill more than two people a day

US police shot and killed nearly 400 people during the first five months of this year, according to a front-page report published Sunday by the Washington Post. The death rate from police violence against the people they allegedly “serve and protect” amounts to 2.6 per day, or about one person every nine hours. At that rate, American police will shoot to death nearly 1,000 people this year.
The Post study counts only victims of police gunshots, excluding those who die in police custody from other forms of violence, such as Freddie Gray in Baltimore, who died April 19 of a fractured spine after a deliberate “rough ride” in the back of a police van.
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How the British Divided up the Arab World

The development of the modern nation states throughout the Arab world is a fascinating and heartbreaking process. 100 years ago, most Arabs were part of the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate, a large multi-ethnic state based in Istanbul. Today, a political map of the Arab world looks like a very complex jigsaw puzzle. A complex and intricate course of events in the 1910s brought about the end of the Ottomans and the rise of these new nations with borders running across the Middle East, diving Muslims from each other. While there are many different factors leading to this, the role that the British played in this was far greater than any other player in the region. Three separate agreements made conflicting promises that the British had to stand by. The result was a political mess that divided up a large part of the Muslim world.

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